Bathrooms- One of the Most Carefully Planned Areas of a Building

A room which kept for the performing activities of personal hygiene is known as a bathroom. The minimum requirements of a bathroom are a toilet and a sink.Apart from this, there are many additional things that a bathroom might contain to increase its versatility or increase the comfort level. A mirror, shower and a bathtub are also present in some bathrooms.Any room containing a toilet can be called a bathroom. Some houses have a separate toilet rooms.

What are the other things that can be present in a bathroom?

Most bathrooms have at least one bar if not more for hanging clothes or towels. Even towel rings might be present. Some bathrooms also have a cabinet or a shelf for keeping medicines or other products which help in maintaining personal hygiene. The cabinets can also be used to keep towels, soaps or other such products. It should be ensured that all kinds of lighting that is used in the bathroom are IP44 certified. This confirms that the lighting is safe to use in the bathroom. The Bathroom Floor Tiles should also be chosen carefully so that they aren’t slippery.

What are the various considerations that should be kept in mind while designing a bathroom?


It should be kept in mind that both hot and cold water will be used in a bathroom.The quantity of water should be enough so as to clean various parts of the body. Solid and liquid human waste is moved to a sewer using water. Water may also be splashed on the floor and the walls of the bathroom.The bathrooms should be designed in a way that the floor, walls and the ceilings don’t allow water to pass through them.

They should also be easily cleanable. The most common materials used in their design are ceramic or porcelain. The area around the mirror should have two sets of lights. This is done so as to eliminate the possibility of formation of a shadow. Electrical sockets should be carefully installed so that electric shocks do not take place. Apart from that, even the lighting should be carefully checked.

What are the various kinds of tiles that can be chosen for bathrooms?


The tiles for bathrooms are made with a wide range of products. Porcelain and ceramic are the most popular choices of people. However, nowadays, even wood is used in most places. Still, the most perfect choice seems to be porcelain. There are various facts that are considered while buying tiles for a bathroom. The tiles should not only be nice to look at but they should also not allow water to pass through them. The tiles should also not be slippery and be resistant to chemicals.

Tiles can be used for layering the floor or as shower tiles or as wall tiles.The Bathroom Porcelain Tile provides a nice look to the bathroom and such tiles are made with a lot of care. Bathrooms also use backsplash tiles that are used to prevent water damage. There are many websites which sell bathroom accessories at cheap and affordable prices. They sell everything from basins to various kinds of taps and showers.

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