Choose The Best Bathroom Floor Tile That Suits Your Bathroom Best

tiles_115Suppose you are planning to renovate your bathroom and indeed it’s a big investment and thus you can’t afford to make any mistake in it. So, you need to choose the best material and best bathroom designs for your bathroom. You need to choose the bathroom materials which will be very easy to clean, which will last for many years, and also it will enlighten your home more.

As we all know the best way to design your bathroom then it is of course fitting tiles. Tiles is a best way to beautify your bathroom but one thing which needs to keep in mind is fitting tiles on bathrooms also puts a responsibility to clean the tiles every day to keep it clean which will not only enhance the bathroom but also keep the tiles clean and tidy.

As we all know that if you paint your bathroom it will be less costly than if you fit tiles on your bathroom it will be more expensive. But nowadays there are many online websites which will enable you to choose your favorite tiles according to your budget. Although you can also lower your budget by not fitting tiles in all the four walls. Suppose to reduce your cost you can put paint on the ceiling while the floor and the two sides you can put tiles of your choice.


As discussed tiles are available in different materials, but today there are many options started from wood to glass tiles. Here are some guidelines listed which can suit you the best.

Vinyl Tiles

This is one the popular tile people choose as it is cheap. It is best suited for all kind of bathrooms. Moreover it is easy to clean, practical, durable and also easy to install. The material is easy to cut by normal knife. Its price starts from $.95 each square foot.

Ceramic Tiles


Nothing is superior than accessible a bathroom ceramic tiles if you opt for any wood like material for your bathroom or brightening colors with different pattern. Ceramics are also popular but it is not suited if you wish to go to your bathroom bare foot. Fitting ceramic tiles will prevent any kind of scratches on the floor. Price starts from $1.09 per square foot.

Plastic laminate Tiles


These are the best options if you are thinking of remodel your bathroom because it is easier to install and easy to clean but it its fault is that it does not retain any moisture in it. Price starts from $.49 per square foot.

Stone Tiles

They are of different materials available in limestone, marble, granite and also they are available in different colors like blue, red, green and others. Moreover they are also available in many textures. Price varies on the color and texture.

Glass Tiles


This kind of tiles is different from other tiles. They need to install with care and the best thing of this kind of tiles that they prevent you to get slipped. Price varies according to its texture.

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