The Home With In a Home

Why Bathrooms are so important: Bathrooms are places where most family members spend a lot of their waking hours. It is the single most concentrated area that people occupy daily, before bed and the first thing in the morning. Moreover, it is one place that has a lot of options to choose in doing it up. Bathroom accessories come in all shapes and sizes. With many outer finishes to choose from, there is never a loss for choice. At most time’s bathrooms are the most decorated places in the house. Nowadays bathrooms are feature rich and functional with the fittings available for use. Each house owner is vying with one another to present the most innovative and well done bathrooms.


The Choices Available in Bathroom Fittings: Nowadays there is whole lot of choices to have in the type of accessories available for bathrooms. Not only is the material different from each other but the external finish too is very different from one another. The super rich go for even gold plated fittings. When talking of accessories for bathrooms, it is important to say something about getting genuine parts. For almost any brand of good bathroom fitting, there is a parallel spurious accessory available. Made to the exact copy of the real thing, it takes a well trained eye to tell them apart. This does put the original material to bad repute, taking away the hard earned goodwill on the way.

The Next in Line for Bathrooms, Wall and Floor Tiles: The tiles in any bathroom set the theme or ambience to the space. With a whole lot of choices and combinations, there are a few common guidelines to be followed in laying bathroom decore tiles.

• The first thing to set in any bathroom layout is the color scheme. Choosing a tile that would accentuate the preferred color pattern is the first step in a bathroom décor.

• Getting the design just right goes a long way in setting out a good bathroom. Sometimes, it could be a pattern that caught your eye while on a holiday. Have it done right there in your bathroom, to set apart the one private space to everyone.

• Choosing the tile size does help in laying out a bathroom. A large tile would do away with most jointing, saving material and labor in its work.

• It is always advisable to have the bathroom tiles laid out by a professional with standing in the field even if you have to pay a little more. Amateur work would stand out like a sore thumb at all times.

• Take into account the heaviness of usage in each part of the bathroom to assess the correct type of tile. All tiles have different toughness and the tile for optimum use is always desirable.


So, let not the tile work be taken lightly. With sufficient attention given to the detail of tile chosen, the bathroom space would take on a new look. Allowing the right mixture of light and air would add that much more polish to your choice of tiles.

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