Best Bathroom Designs with Ceramic Tile

There is no superior place in the house for using ceramic tile than the bathroom. Ceramic is flexible, non-porous, attractive, and useful. A typical bathroom tile design will take on the use of ceramic tiles for a finished outside on walls and floors. In addition, it can even be utilized to make an entire shower or bathtub, thus reducing the “standard” sized bathing area and allowing the freedom of custom designed form and sizes.

Choosing your bathroom design is a very important decision for lots of homeowners. It is consent among real estate specialist that the bathroom is one of the rooms that adds the mainly value to any home. Therefore, it is really important when picking a design for your tiling.


Ceramic is a fashionable choice for bathroom design NZ because of its reasonable cost and good-looking look. Further, ceramic tile might be used for both floor tiling & wall tiling. There are numerous different options that numerous folks can take when choosing a bathroom design using ceramic tile. In spite of the design that you select to use, there are a few main guidelines that you must always take into consideration before making a choice:

Ceramic tile design in the bathroom is almost limitless in potential. Several of the more normally used types comprise glazed, mosaic, glass, and unglazed. Glazed tile is fired (baked) by a glaze on the outer surface that turn out a hard, super-glossy finish. The glazed kind can be slippery when damp, so it is more likely to be utilized for walls and other vertical surfaces. Not only is the shine of glazed tiles attracting but it is quite easy to clean also. Walls and surfaces with glazed tiles are frequently installed in a regular pattern because of the straight boundaries.


Bathroom ceramic tile is robust. It enables you to have savings as there is no required for you to replace it for numerous years. Though, it does not mean that all they are the most similar. Quality is significant for your tile bathroom to last longer. If you are looking for a really unique yet inventive design, glass tiles could be the result. Glass tiles come in a variety of colors and might appear semi-transparent, sparkling, or reflective.

Tile is comparatively maintenance free and it is simple to clean, mainly when glazed. Probably the biggest disadvantage of using ceramic, mainly glazed, is that cracks or chips could happen in tile that can only be repaired by replacing the individual tile. In the end, the most significant thing is to pick the design that suits your exact tastes and requirements.

Even though you must be consistent when decide a color palette, you can still be fairly creative with bathroom ceramic tile. That is, you must choose different sizes for the floor tiles and the wall tiles. One more interesting way to stay inventive is by laying the floor tiles on a diagonal, as different to laying them straight. This design pattern will give a diamond shaped look, and will aid make your bathroom look unique or diverse than other bathrooms. You can also decide to lay the wall tiling in a diagonal model as well.

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