People Starting To Take More Care While Building Their Bathrooms

A room that is present for activities of personal hygiene is known as a bathroom. At least a sink and a toilet are present in every bathroom. Some bathrooms might also contain a mirror, a shower and a bath tub. Nowadays, people are starting to realize the importance of the bathroom and hence are taking more care while adding a bathroom to their houses or any other building as such.

What are the various things that are to be kept in mind while designing a bathroom?

Some bathrooms also have a medicine cabinet that has various medicines and other items for maintaining personal hygiene. Most bathrooms also have a towel bar or a towel ring that is used to hang towels. It must be made sure that all kinds of lighting that is used in the bathroom are rated as safe. IP44 is the standard rating to show that lighting is safe to use.


Apart from this, the floor of the bathroom is constantly exposed to water. These wet conditions can damage the tiles. Thus the tiles need to be cleaned regularly. The drainage of the bathroom also needs to be taken utmost care of. Water must not be allowed to coagulate. The drains must be properly connected to sewer system. This resistance to water can be achieved easily by using ceramic or porcelain tiles. Mosaic tiles, deck tiles and European tiles are other commonly used tiles.

How can a person select the right tile for his bathroom?

Various things are to be kept in mind regarding bathroom floor tiles. The sizes of the bathroom tiles must be chosen carefully so that there isn’t any kind of space in between. Various kinds of tests like the soak-test should be performed on the tiles. The laying of tiles should always start from the ceiling. The drain pipe must also be positioned properly. The showers also need to be flood tested. The bathroom should be checked for leaks and the tiles should be such that they aren’t damaged much by these leaks.

What are the various items that can be bought for a bathroom?

There a lot of accessories that can be installed in the bathroom. Nowadays, hand dryers are something that many people want to buy. These dryers help a person to dry his hands after he has washed them. A soap dispenser is also bought by a lot of people. Apart from this, other commonly bought items are towel bars, shelves, tile grates and soap dish holders. People also get a few options for the kind of basin that they want. They could by a stone or a ceramic basin.

Baths and spa items are other commonly bought things. People can buy a drop-in bathtub or a free standing bathtub as per their choice. Nowadays, sensor taps and self-closing taps have also been developed. This is a new development and people are slowly starting to use it. People also get an option to choose the kind of shower and the kind of tiles that they want in their bathroom.

One of the solutions for renovating homes is New Zealand is bathroom renovations NZ. They have a friendly team of workers that carry out the task very efficiently. They also make sure to keep the expenditure as low as possible.


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