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Bathrooms Today

Recently, a few experts from the top bathroom tapware, bathroom accessories and sanity ware suppliers got together to discuss the latest goings on in the world of bathrooms.

The experts agreed that people today don’t see bathrooms as just a place in which to wash and do personal business anymore. Home bathrooms reflect evolving tastes and desires and nowadays look and feel more like spas. People want to reduce stress, relax, and take care of themselves better and maintain healthier lifestyles. They want to rejuvenate, de-stress, and pamper themselves.

Designers also seemed to following along and were designing bathrooms that looked more like peaceful places in which to retreat. Most bathroom ideas included clean lines and contemporary bathroom decor tiles and bathroom floor tiles. One expert also noted that designers are focusing lately on black, along with other neutral colors. Neutrals never really go out of style and go with everything. They’re also classy and refined.

Combining appearance and purpose were important, too. Self-closing taps and sustainable taps, which have been popular commercially, were a perfect example. But, they’re great for the home, too. They conserve water and save money. Plus, they lessen the spread of germs from hand-to-hand contact, as unwashed hands never touch faucets. And, they come in a variety of beautiful styles and colors.

Bath & Tile, Ltd.

For more than six years, Bath & Tile, Ltd, has been offering the latest and highest quality merchandise in bathroom design nz. Its two stunning showrooms in Albany and Manukau City showcase its extensive variety of Bathroom decor tiles, Bathroom floor tiles, Showers, shower doors, Toilets,frameless glass shower doors, Vanities, Taps, Spas, Bathtubs and Bathroom Accessories.You can actually see how all of Bath & Tile’s top quality merchandise would look and function in your home.

The expert designers above basically described the exact kinds of bathrooms Bath & Tile offers and they can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams, whether you’re designing your bathroom, conducting bathroom renovations, adding a few upgrading, or simply just thinking of a few bathroom ideas.

At Bath & Tile, you’ll find an extraordinary range of possibilities and styles from traditional to minimalistic to contemporary. And, as the experts wisely stated, they all focus on you and your needs.

Bath & Tile’s trained, experienced professionals understand your concerns about costs. It obtains its merchandise directly from the suppliers and then passes the savings on to you, guaranteeing the highest quality and lowest prices.

Imagine rejuvenating under a rain showerhead or soaking away stress in a freestanding bathtub. Imagine conserving water, saving money, and lessening the spread of germs with self closing taps auckland and sustainable taps. Visualize the beautiful tiles lining the walls, floors, and shower all in your favorite colours.

It’s all possible at Bath & Tile. Visit in person or online today.


Simple Bathroom Upgrades

So, you want to do a few minor upgrades do your bathroom, but nothing too much. Just something simple, maybe just one or two things and you want to spend as little as you can. Okay, here are a few suggestions. Just one of these upgrades will make a big difference.

Add Some Fixtures

Brass and Gold tapware nz is making a come back. Not so much the shiny tones, but the warm, matted tones. Placing this tapware in your shower or on your sink will add warmth and coziness.

Float a Vanity and/or a Shelf

A floating vanity opens up the room, adds a touch of sophistication, and also gives you more storage.

Heat Things Up

Why not literally add some warmth with a heated towel rack, heated toilet seat, or heated bidet? You might not see the difference visually, but you’ll feel the difference and it will be so nice and luxurious. It’ll be like you converted your bathroom into a home spa, and that’s the big thing these days.

Change the Lighting

A simple swap of light fixtures can change the entire atmosphere entirely. If you’re into bling, you could add sparkle with a glass chandelier, if that’s something you’d think you’d like.

Replace the Mirror Cabinet

Install a long, mirrored cabinet. You’ll add more storage and the mirror will make your bathroom look larger. Double mirrors provide an really cool infinity effect.

Replace the Vanity Top

Yes, change only the top of your vanity. Marble is a great choice. It’s unique, stunning, and adds instant luxury.

Change the Showerhead

Changing the showerhead both looks good and is functional. Plus, they look rather interesting. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and, well, they’re fantastic. You can choose a rain shower head and feel rejuvenated every time you shower. Or, select a hand-held and give yourself a daily massage.

Install a Self-Closing Tap

This is also a good-looking, functional upgrade. You’ve no doubt seen them commercially. Installing Self Closing Taps and sustainable taps in the home conserves water and saves money. They’re great for the disabled and also help lessen the spread of germs as those with dirty hands never touch any faucets.

Bath & Tile, Ltd.

Bath & Tile, Ltd is the perfect place to perform all of the above upgrades, plus any others you might want.This New Zealand owned and operated business offers the widest range of tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories nz, self closing taps, Auckland, and just about everything else for the most complicated bathroom renovations to the simplest upgrade.

Its showrooms in Albany and Manukau show you exactly how everything it offers would actually appear and function inside your bathroom, so there’s no guessing or worry. Its skilled, experienced, and passionate professionals will work with you and help you find exactly what you want.

Bath& Tile obtains all its merchandise directly from the suppliers, so everything it offers is of the highest quality and lowest price, guaranteed. Just ask one of its professionals to put together a package deal for you. You’ll be completely satisfied.

Visit Bath & Tile today at one of its showrooms or online. You’ll be glad you did.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Most everyone would love to have great, big bathrooms. Hardly any homebuyer puts “small bathroom” on their wish list. But, most of us are stuck with a small bathroom. That’s no reason to give up. There are things you can. And, no, you don’t have to move or knock down any walls. All you have to do is add some simple upgrades, and your small bathroom will suddenly look a lot bigger.

Add Some Space

Tight, confined spaces makes things look smaller, while openness makes them look larger. Some ways to open spaces include:

o Installing a Pedestal or Table-top Basin.

o Putting in a floating (hanging) vanity / cabinet, one with legs, or one with glass doors.

Replace Storage

If you’ve added space, you may have lost storage. You maybe you just need more. Adding a side cabinet or tall thin one. As stated above, you can maintain the open space by keeping shelves open or with glass doors. Use floating cabinets or ones with legs.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors reproduce space and, therefore, stretch it. If possible, add them to longer walls. They’ll make your bathroom long wider.

Clear Glass Shower Doors

Clear glass shower doors preserve an open view, and, like mirrors, stretch it visually.

Continue Flooring

If you’re changing the bathroom floor tiles, continue them on into the shower. It, once again, stretches the visual space and makes it look larger.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves make items look like they’re hovering in air. It’s a much lighter look than wood shelves.

Use Light Colors

Light colors won’t overpower the bathroom. Dark colors will. And, use light colors, too, with sanitary ware and accessories.

Bath & Tile, Ltd.

The skilled, experienced, and passionate professionals at Bath & Tile could help you implement these updates or any update you wanted. They have grown with evolving trends and know precisely how expand spaces and increase storage, all while sustaining a sleek,organized appearance.

They provide professional services to homeowners, as well as professional designers, real estate developers, interior designers and architects. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just entertaining a few bathroom ideas, committed to several bathroom renovations, or have an elaborate bathroom designs in your hands. The experts at Bath & Tile are committed to guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Bath & Tile understands that even just a few updates can add up financially. Come visit one of its showrooms in Albany and Manukau City. See how its designer bathroom accessories, bathroom decor tiles, bathroom floor tiles, tapware nz, shower doors, nz, etc., could give you the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having. Also, ask a friendly expert to create for you a one-of-a-kind package deal. Or, visit Bath & Tile online.

That large bathroom is right in your house. Visit Bath & Tile today.

An Award Winning Bathroom in Your Home

Trends is a group of home design and architecture magazines that individually target specific home areas or concepts – kitchen, bathroom, interiors, etc. There’s also Trends, where design professionals and enthusiasts can communicate with one another and share ideas.

Every year, Trends also hosts an annual international competition, the Trends International Design Awards (TIDA), and awards the best designs in the above-mentioned home areas and concepts.

2017 TIDA Bathroom Awards

Many of the bathrooms selections contained marble top vanities and textured stone bathroom decor tiles and bathroom floor tiles. Such choices always looked beautiful, no matter the setting. And, while tapware choices favored chrome, as usual, some designers selected antique and aged brass.

Winning designs were mainly contemporary and contained uniquely framed shower screens, table-top basins, and walk-in shower doors that made the spaces feel open, non-confining, and extravagant.Most had multi-functional shower heads that promised unique, relaxing experiences, including rejuvenating shower heads.

Bath & Tile, Ltd.

For over six years, Bath & Tile, Ltd, a New Zealand owned and operated business, has offered the most up-to-date bathroom design nz and bathroom ideas. Bath & Tile could have easily put together each of the bathrooms at TILDA, including the winning designs. In fact, they could been one at one of Bath & Tile’s showrooms in Albany and Manukau City, where you can see how all of Bath & Tiles bathroom accessories, bathroom decor tiles, bathroom floor tiles, tapware nz, shower doors, nz, and everything else you would need to upgrade your bathroom.

Bath & Tile’s is your premier, one-stop location for all your tiles, sanitary ware, and bathroom accessory needs, regardless of whether you’re designing an original bathroom and/or renovating one. Everything you choose brings luxury and elegance, whether you choose an earthy or contemporary look. Plus, Bath & Tile gets it products directly from its manufacturers, so it offers everything to you at the guaranteed lowest price.

Imagine, an award-winning, luxurious bathroom in your home. You can do it, with Bath & Tile. See their showrooms or website today.

Tips on Decorating a Bathroom

Have you ever watched one of those home shows where either someone is purchasing a home or remodeling one? Much attention is paid to the bathroom. Everyone wants a splendid bathroom. And, why not? We spend a lot of time on our bathrooms and want it to be nice, decorated pleasingly, and have easy access to all our products. Easy right? Yea.

You have to consider the function and attempt to coordinate your choices with what might already be in the bathroom, such as a toilet roll holder NZ, mixers & shower glass doors, bathroom furniture, bathroom floor tiles, and bath tub. And, there’s a difference between what you want and what you need. You could fall absolutely in love with a certain light fixture, but do you really need it and can you afford it? So, before you randomly go purchasing at random, here are a few tips:

1. Budget: let’s repeat that: Budget. One more time: Budget. Budget is extremely important. You must establish it, know it, and stick to it.

2. Determine What You Need: Make a list. Consider everything carefully, visit showrooms, check out baths & spas. Prioritize what’s most important and list them accordingly. Yes, its work, but it’s important. Remember, you want a fantastic bathroom and you want to stick to your budget.

3. Choose Wisely: don’t be too focused on brands, though some brands are known for quality, and that is what you want. Some brands happen to be popular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re superior. But, then again, some popular brands are of high quality. Just remain focused on choosing wisely.

4. Select Items That Are Affordable and High Quality: Now, we’re just repeating ourselves, but we can’t say it enough – stick to your budget, select only what you need, and choose the highest quality.

5. Have Fun: Yes, there are guidelines and a budget, but you should have fun, too! Remember, you’re putting together a wonderful bathroom.

Bath & Tile, Ltd

Bath & Time, Ltd has been serving the New Zealand area for over six years. It offers a wide range of tiles & bathroom sanitary ware and Porcelain and Ceramic Tile.

You can see its bathroom designs at its two stores in Albany and Manukau City. Each location has a stunning showroom, where you can actually imagine how everything will appear in your home. Best of all, you’ll have a great time imagining what everything will look like in your bathroom.

You can also use its website for Online Shopping For bathroom accessories nz, Bathroom Supplies Auckland, and Bathroom Renovations Accessories NZ.

Bath & Tile is the best place to shop using all the above guidelines. It gets its merchandise directly from the manufacturers. This means that you can both stick to your budget AND select the highest quality merchandise. It even offers the popular, superior brand manufacturers, including Ambience, Color tile, Ron dine, Q-BO, Baldocer, Armonie, just to name a few. So, yes, you can have brand names and superior quality.

At Bath & Time, you’ll also find:

• bathroom floor and wall tiles

• basins

• bathtubs

• spas

• tapware

• shower glass doors

• mirrors

• toilets

• toilet seats

• mixers and shower sets

• vanities

Plus, so much more

The Bath & Tile team will actually do it all for you. Just ask them to create a package deal for you at competitive prices. They’ll follow all the guidelines for you. In other words, their package deal IS the total package.

See their showrooms and/or their website today.

Shower Glass Doors

Bath & Tile, Ltd

For over six years, Bath & Tile, Ltd has offered the most up-to-date bathroom decor tiles, bathroom accessories nz, bathroom supplies online, tapware, mixers & shower sets, bath tubs, and, really, all you need to design and update your bathroom. At its Albany and Manukau City locations, not only can you purchase top quality merchandise at the best prices possible, you can visit its showrooms, and actually see how it would all look in your home.

Shower Glass Doors

At Bath & Tile, you can actualize your dream bathroom. A beautiful shower glass doors is one important element. Bath & Tile’s frameless glass showers are ideal for those who lean toward modern designs and desire elegant retreat sin which to relax. A glass door, walk-in shower also expresses a sense of openness and complete indulgence.

Why a Shower Glass Door

Despite the above advantages, some might still not be convinced that a shower glass door is right for them. Here are a few more reasons to choose such a door over a shower curtain:

o Shower curtains gather stains and scum, get moldy (yuck), and require frequent replacement. Shower glass doors last a long time and are “green.”

o You’ve purchased all those cool fixtures, tapware, mixers, and shampoos and shower gels in all those colorful containers. Why block them off with a curtain? Put in a shower glass door and show them off!

o Glass shower doors keep all the water inside the shower. Shower curtains do that, too, as long as you close them properly. And, kids always remember to do that, right?

o Shower curtains are cute and colorful. Some have fish and yellow rubber duckies. Glass shower doors are sleek, modern and sophisticated.

Bath & Tile, Ltd

Bath & Tile’s staff is passionate about design and has the know-how and experience to help you select the perfect glass shower door, as well as everything you need for your design or renovation. It will put together a unique package deal for you, at very competitive prices. It ensures complete customer satisfaction.

It gets its products directly from manufacturers, so it offers the best quality merchandise at the best price, guaranteed.

At Bath and Tile you’ll also find:

• basins

• bathtubs

• spas


• mirrors

• toilets

• toilet seats

• mixers and shower sets

• shower glass doors

• vanities

decorative wall Tiles

bathroom wall tiles

Plus, so much more

See their showrooms and/or their website today. It will make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Selecting Tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets

There are literally thousands of different Tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets designs. They vary in so many ways, including function. You must make some kind of choice. Perhaps you can skip on certain bathroom elements, but not on these. That is, unless you don’t want to control and regulate the water in your bathroom.


Here are some factors to consider when selecting your bathroom tapware:

o Water Pressure: Your tapware should accommodate your home’s water pressure. You certainly don’t want your water to simply drip in. You’ll never get the shampoo out of your hair or get the bath tub full enough in order to enjoy a proper soak. So, how do you figure out your water pressure?

Water pressure systems involve water storage and boiler tanks. Some houses have hot and cold tanks, but not a boiler tank. Some have a boiler, but no water tanks. Some only have one kind of water tank. You’ll see as follows:

• If you have a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank, also known as a gravity-fed system, you have a low pressure water system.

• If you have a combination (or combi) boiler, you have a high pressure water system.

• If you have a hot water tank but no cold water tank, you have a high pressure water system.


o Quality: Buy the best quality tapware you can afford. Don’t just go by price. A cheap, inferior tap with inept parts will fail and cost you more money in repairs and replacement. Consider warranty, symmetry, and flat lines at the tap’s edges. Such indicate value.

o Upkeep: Consider how much you and your family will use the bathroom and how much you will need to clean it. Generally, brassware is easy for which to care.

o Tap holes:Tap holes, literally, are the holes in the wall where the water comes out and where you need to install Tapware. Some basins (sinks) have two – one for hot and one for cold. mixers & shower sets mostly have one spout and make it easier to regulate the water temperature.

o Style: Everything you select impacts your bathroom’s design. Even the smallest detail. And, occasionally, tapware is the focal point, especially when it is unique and functional. So, make sure all your taps (bath tub, basin, and bidet), all complement one another.

Bath & Tile, Ltd

The experts at Bath & Tile believe that tapware is one of your bathroom’s most important design features. Choosing the right tapware for a bathroom can transform a lackluster piece into an eye-catching one. Just changing your bathroom taps is the perfect way to upgrade your bathroom.

You can see and shop online for tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets at Bath & Tile’s website. You can also visit its stores in Albany and Manukau City (Auckland), where it also provides a wide range of tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets. Each location also has a gorgeous showroom, where you can see how the tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets (as well as all Bath & Tile products) would actually look in your home.

Bath & Tile stocks shower mixers, basin mixers, rain shower heads, and so much more in various styles and matching sets. You are sure to find a design that reflects your personal style while offering plenty of practicality.

Bath & Tile also offers:

bathroom floor and wall tiles

bathroom renovations

• basins

• bathtubs

• spas

• shower glass doors

• mirrors

• toilets

• toilet seats

vanities nz

Plus so much more

For more than six years, Bath & Tile has been proudly serving New Zealand. Visit a Bath & Tile showroom and/or their website today.