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An Award Winning Bathroom in Your Home

Trends is a group of home design and architecture magazines that individually target specific home areas or concepts – kitchen, bathroom, interiors, etc. There’s also Trends Ideas.com, where design professionals and enthusiasts can communicate with one another and share ideas.

Every year, Trends also hosts an annual international competition, the Trends International Design Awards (TIDA), and awards the best designs in the above-mentioned home areas and concepts.

2017 TIDA Bathroom Awards

Many of the bathrooms selections contained marble top vanities and textured stone bathroom decor tiles and bathroom floor tiles. Such choices always looked beautiful, no matter the setting. And, while tapware choices favored chrome, as usual, some designers selected antique and aged brass.

Winning designs were mainly contemporary and contained uniquely framed shower screens, table-top basins, and walk-in shower doors that made the spaces feel open, non-confining, and extravagant.Most had multi-functional shower heads that promised unique, relaxing experiences, including rejuvenating shower heads.

Bath & Tile, Ltd.

For over six years, Bath & Tile, Ltd, a New Zealand owned and operated business, has offered the most up-to-date bathroom design nz and bathroom ideas. Bath & Tile could have easily put together each of the bathrooms at TILDA, including the winning designs. In fact, they could been one at one of Bath & Tile’s showrooms in Albany and Manukau City, where you can see how all of Bath & Tiles bathroom accessories, bathroom decor tiles, bathroom floor tiles, tapware nz, shower doors, nz, and everything else you would need to upgrade your bathroom.

Bath & Tile’s is your premier, one-stop location for all your tiles, sanitary ware, and bathroom accessory needs, regardless of whether you’re designing an original bathroom and/or renovating one. Everything you choose brings luxury and elegance, whether you choose an earthy or contemporary look. Plus, Bath & Tile gets it products directly from its manufacturers, so it offers everything to you at the guaranteed lowest price.

Imagine, an award-winning, luxurious bathroom in your home. You can do it, with Bath & Tile. See their showrooms or website today.


Tips on Decorating a Bathroom

Have you ever watched one of those home shows where either someone is purchasing a home or remodeling one? Much attention is paid to the bathroom. Everyone wants a splendid bathroom. And, why not? We spend a lot of time on our bathrooms and want it to be nice, decorated pleasingly, and have easy access to all our products. Easy right? Yea.

You have to consider the function and attempt to coordinate your choices with what might already be in the bathroom, such as a toilet roll holder NZ, mixers & shower glass doors, bathroom furniture, bathroom floor tiles, and bath tub. And, there’s a difference between what you want and what you need. You could fall absolutely in love with a certain light fixture, but do you really need it and can you afford it? So, before you randomly go purchasing at random, here are a few tips:

1. Budget: let’s repeat that: Budget. One more time: Budget. Budget is extremely important. You must establish it, know it, and stick to it.

2. Determine What You Need: Make a list. Consider everything carefully, visit showrooms, check out baths & spas. Prioritize what’s most important and list them accordingly. Yes, its work, but it’s important. Remember, you want a fantastic bathroom and you want to stick to your budget.

3. Choose Wisely: don’t be too focused on brands, though some brands are known for quality, and that is what you want. Some brands happen to be popular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re superior. But, then again, some popular brands are of high quality. Just remain focused on choosing wisely.

4. Select Items That Are Affordable and High Quality: Now, we’re just repeating ourselves, but we can’t say it enough – stick to your budget, select only what you need, and choose the highest quality.

5. Have Fun: Yes, there are guidelines and a budget, but you should have fun, too! Remember, you’re putting together a wonderful bathroom.

Bath & Tile, Ltd

Bath & Time, Ltd has been serving the New Zealand area for over six years. It offers a wide range of tiles & bathroom sanitary ware and Porcelain and Ceramic Tile.

You can see its bathroom designs at its two stores in Albany and Manukau City. Each location has a stunning showroom, where you can actually imagine how everything will appear in your home. Best of all, you’ll have a great time imagining what everything will look like in your bathroom.

You can also use its website for Online Shopping For bathroom accessories nz, Bathroom Supplies Auckland, and Bathroom Renovations Accessories NZ.

Bath & Tile is the best place to shop using all the above guidelines. It gets its merchandise directly from the manufacturers. This means that you can both stick to your budget AND select the highest quality merchandise. It even offers the popular, superior brand manufacturers, including Ambience, Color tile, Ron dine, Q-BO, Baldocer, Armonie, just to name a few. So, yes, you can have brand names and superior quality.

At Bath & Time, you’ll also find:

• bathroom floor and wall tiles

• basins

• bathtubs

• spas

• tapware

• shower glass doors

• mirrors

• toilets

• toilet seats

• mixers and shower sets

• vanities

Plus, so much more

The Bath & Tile team will actually do it all for you. Just ask them to create a package deal for you at competitive prices. They’ll follow all the guidelines for you. In other words, their package deal IS the total package.

See their showrooms and/or their website today.

Rise Value of Your House by Upgrading Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Is it an opportunity to offer your home? Regardless of whether flipping a house or attempting to get a decent cost before a move, there are a couple approaches to pick up an incentive through a kitchen or washroom renovation. Outdated kitchen and the bathroom styles are the speediest approach to make a house feel more seasoned and more rundown. Here are a couple of thoughts to kick you off on your redesigns.

Hand craft

A made to request configuration bodes well when attempting to get the most cash for your home. Bespoke porcelain bathroom floor tile are detectable and have any kind of effect in cost. A land specialist or home purchaser will have the capacity to tell if tiling and apparatuses were basically put in the space or made for the space. Evade over the top outlines that may make great home purchasers feel awkward. You never need a space to just engage a specific sort of style. Dazzling stonework with works of art, for example, normal stone, rock, slate, and travertine are dependably a smart thought.


Ground surface is critical in a washroom and tile is out. Flooring in the bathroom or kitchen can make a whole house appear to be obsolete, terrible and grimy. Hard wood can take a genuine beating in these spaces and look old and worn immediately, even subsequent to renovating it. The best thought is to put down clay or porcelain tiles or common stone deck. These will support substantial measures of pedestrian activity, clean well, and dependably look decent.


Bathroom floor and wall tiles can be simply routine, or they can be home spas and unwinding regions. One approach to make a more rich and costly feel is to make a different bath and wetroom. A spa tub can be a place to unwind and isolate from the routine utilization of a shower. Travertine or marble make awesome custom tiling occupations for a bespoke washroom bath. Mosaic tiles function admirably to add an ornamental energy to the wetroom divider. In the event that the home purchaser finds your space unwinding, they will feel amped up for getting it. Make the bathroom, particularly the main washroom, some place they need to be.

Kitchen Counter Tops

Much the same as with the floors, tile is out. A stone kitchen worktop is your most logical option. It looks pleasant and is to a great degree useful. Pick unbiased shading that can run with any style your home purchaser may have. Ensure it coordinates the cupboards, equipment, and floor. Supplant old cabinet equipment to coordinate your new counters. The kitchen is the most-utilized room in the house. Make as present day, agreeable, and ordinary as could reasonably be expected.

Selling your home can be an overwhelming procedure. Begin with these tips in the lavatory and kitchen to build the estimation of your home. You can simply include some of your very own energy and thoughts. With the correct arrangements, rocks, and installations, you can without much of a stretch pick up the most for your dollar.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile – Instructions for Using Ceramic Custom Tile

The most effortless approach to enhance the style of one’s toilet is through utilizing restroom shower tiles. The shower dividers are maybe made of glass however despite everything they require tiles. There are various types of shower tiles in the business sector beginning from the basic build up to the phenomenal hand painted outlines. Examples can be made utilizing these giving the restroom a fascinating and interesting look.


Glass showers can be enhanced utilizing porcelain or earthenware tiles. These are made with solid materials and can likewise be cleaned effortlessly. Beside this, they likewise increase the value of your restroom. You may likewise utilize stone, glass or marble to accomplish a specific look. Shower tiles have diverse styles and distinctive costs consequently it will fit any sort of spending plan.

Asking your neighborhood merchant is vital before purchasing and introducing ceramic tile ware house since he will help you pick the right sort for your shower. Other than that, grout is likewise essential in washroom finishing. It comes in different hues and can coordinate the tiles entirely well. Along these lines, it is important to pick the grout with right shading. The outlines of your washroom might be basic or amazing relying upon your inclination. The following are some approaches to outline your washroom utilizing diverse tiles.


Wonderful examples can be made by assembling diverse tile-style. Ensure that the ones you blend have the same thickness or it will result to a bizarre look. When you blend and match distinctive materials, you can give your lavatory a tweaked look.

You can likewise enhance your lavatory utilizing tiles with various shapes. There is no principle that expresses that you should just utilize square ones. You can give your restroom an imaginative look by utilizing other one of kind shapes and these shapes can likewise be utilized as a part of making divider designs.

The reality of the matter is that light shaded tiles make the dream of space for your lavatory. Such are best for little spaces. For huge bathrooms, be that as it may, you can change its look by blending a few shades. You can make a mosaic utilizing dim and light-hued ones or you can essentially join characteristic hues like green and blue.

Through attempting different shower tile planning procedures, you can have a restroom that quiets the brain. It can likewise be an extraordinary spot to unwind following a tiring day.


Bathroom floor tiles is framed from mud, shale or porcelain, and afterward let go at high temperatures until it solidifies. The higher the temperature and the more times the tile is terminated, the harder and less permeable the tile gets to be. Tile for bathrooms comes in numerous shapes, sizes, examples and surfaces.

Tile can be coated or unglazed. Unglazed lavatory fired tile is essentially heated bits of dirt whose hues are dictated by the mineral substance of the earth. These tiles are the workhorses of the business. For the most part thicker and denser than coated tiles, they incorporate items, for example, quarry tiles and porcelains.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas – Get Your Bathroom Perfect..!!

Are you renovating your home and having trouble while choosing or finding some great bathroom floor files. Getting the bathroom right can be one of the harder and the most stressful part of the renovation. The bathroom need not be a most boring or a drab place in your home. Within very few simple touches, even a drab bathroom and also be converted into an attractive and colorful place.


Having a clean and attractive bathroom is very important in any home as it is the place where you can go to unwind and hence, it should be made comfortable. Though decoration is the wise key to achieving this, correct flooring may also play an important role.

A major factor that determines the look of the bathroom is the kind of floor tiles that you choose. In general, there are several kinds of bathroom floor tiles available and you should consider important factors like space, utility, safety and etc. while you decide to purchase them. Bathroom tiles will come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and patterns as they form the basis for any type of bathroom design.


Types of bathroom floor tiles

The kind you choose will choose will determine the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Using innovative flooring can convert a dull bathroom into a bright space. Among all the other tile ideas, the most familiar one is to choose the ceramic flooring using the ceramic tiles as they are simple, affordable, tough, durable and water resistant. Choosing this tile will be a good choice for any kind of bathroom.

The bathroom floor and wall tiles will usually come in solid, earthy colors and also in printed forms which can be found in a huge type of shapes. If you prefer to a usually white or a cream color, try using the colored grout which will help your bathroom getting a splash of color.

Plus, Laminate and Vinyl tiles will also be a good choice for tiles as they are affordable, water resistant and easy to install and clean. Also, you can try out the Linoleum tiles which last longer than Vinyl tiles.


How tiles benefits than other types of flooring?

While decorating your bathroom, numerous types of flooring to choose from, but floor tiles are often the most suitable. Here come the three of main benefits that have over other types of flooring in your bathroom.

1. Wide choices of tiles available.

2. Long lasting compared to others.

3. They are easy to clean.

Tile ideas for bathroom floor tile

Here are some bathroom tile ideas for your bathroom floor tile:

? If you opt for solid color ceramic tile, add tile borders of a different color.

? When you choose the same color ceramic tile for floor and wall, choose different size tile for the walls or lays them diagonally.

? Use floral tiles if you want a romantic or Victorian look in your bathroom.

? Mix terra-cotta tiles Mexican or other painted tiles for the floors if you aim at getting a Mediterranean look.

? Consider using bright and bold colors for a contemporary style and look.

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People Starting To Take More Care While Building Their Bathrooms

A room that is present for activities of personal hygiene is known as a bathroom. At least a sink and a toilet are present in every bathroom. Some bathrooms might also contain a mirror, a shower and a bath tub. Nowadays, people are starting to realize the importance of the bathroom and hence are taking more care while adding a bathroom to their houses or any other building as such.

What are the various things that are to be kept in mind while designing a bathroom?

Some bathrooms also have a medicine cabinet that has various medicines and other items for maintaining personal hygiene. Most bathrooms also have a towel bar or a towel ring that is used to hang towels. It must be made sure that all kinds of lighting that is used in the bathroom are rated as safe. IP44 is the standard rating to show that lighting is safe to use.


Apart from this, the floor of the bathroom is constantly exposed to water. These wet conditions can damage the tiles. Thus the tiles need to be cleaned regularly. The drainage of the bathroom also needs to be taken utmost care of. Water must not be allowed to coagulate. The drains must be properly connected to sewer system. This resistance to water can be achieved easily by using ceramic or porcelain tiles. Mosaic tiles, deck tiles and European tiles are other commonly used tiles.

How can a person select the right tile for his bathroom?

Various things are to be kept in mind regarding bathroom floor tiles. The sizes of the bathroom tiles must be chosen carefully so that there isn’t any kind of space in between. Various kinds of tests like the soak-test should be performed on the tiles. The laying of tiles should always start from the ceiling. The drain pipe must also be positioned properly. The showers also need to be flood tested. The bathroom should be checked for leaks and the tiles should be such that they aren’t damaged much by these leaks.

What are the various items that can be bought for a bathroom?

There a lot of accessories that can be installed in the bathroom. Nowadays, hand dryers are something that many people want to buy. These dryers help a person to dry his hands after he has washed them. A soap dispenser is also bought by a lot of people. Apart from this, other commonly bought items are towel bars, shelves, tile grates and soap dish holders. People also get a few options for the kind of basin that they want. They could by a stone or a ceramic basin.

Baths and spa items are other commonly bought things. People can buy a drop-in bathtub or a free standing bathtub as per their choice. Nowadays, sensor taps and self-closing taps have also been developed. This is a new development and people are slowly starting to use it. People also get an option to choose the kind of shower and the kind of tiles that they want in their bathroom.

One of the solutions for renovating homes is New Zealand is bathroom renovations NZ. They have a friendly team of workers that carry out the task very efficiently. They also make sure to keep the expenditure as low as possible.