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Caring for Your Bathroom and Sanitary Ware

Bath and Tile, Ltd, a New Zealand owned and operated business, offers the latest in Sanitary Ware and Tiles. Since 2009, its been making people’s bathroom dreams a reality by offering the highest quality bathroom accessories NZ, bathroom renovations Accessories, Bathroom Supplies Auckland, NZ, and bathroom supplies online at the best possible prices.

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Selling merchandise, however, is really just one part of designing or renovating a bathroom. You also have to care for it. In other words, clean it. But, really who wants to talk about, even think about, cleaning your toilet? Yuck. Well, it may be a nasty subject, but it’s necessary.

Your bathroom needs a lot of care, perhaps even the most care. Thousands and thousands of and thousands (i.e. a lot) of nasty bacteria live there. You might not see them, but sometimes you can smell them – they smell foul. They can give you diarrhoea, typhoid, dysentery and a host of other diseases. Now, that’s yucky.

First of all, what is Sanitary Ware? It includes:

o bath tubs

o mixers & shower glass doors

o toilet seat

o toilet

o toilet paper holder

o bidet

o urinal

o sink

o bathroom furniture

o wash basins

o towel Rod

o tapware

o pedestals

o bathroom decor tiles

o bathroom floor and wall tiles

o all other designer bathroom accessories sets

designer bathroom accessories sets

Now, here are those tips on how to keep your Sanitary Ware and bathroom shiny and clean.

o use rubber gloves to protect your hands from moisture and chemicals.

o use a long handled brush to reach high, low, and out-of-the-way areas to minimize back strain.

o use gentle, non-abrasive disinfectants and cleansers. Some generally clean the entire bathroom and some are specifically for the toilet and bathroom decore tiles. If you want, you can also make your cleansers. You can find plenty of homemade cleanser “recipes” online. Many incorporate vinegar, baking soda, and citrus and work all very well. Whichever you choose, make sure it disinfects. While vinegar has disinfectant properties, it does not kill all of the dangerous bacteria, like staphylococcus. Some can also deteriorate unsealed grout over time and are inappropriate for certain stone, such as onyx, limestone and travertine.

o If you clean with a sponge or brush, make sure to disinfect it when you are through. You can always put them in the dishwasher. You can also put your sponge in the microwave for two minutes (be careful – it will be hot). You can also disinfect your brushes by soaking them in diluted bleach water for thirty minutes.

o Apply toilet cleanser under the rim of the bowl, in addition to the bowl itself. Leave it in the toilet for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush. Such allows for maximum sanitizing and cleansing.

o Wash the floor with disinfectant, too. If you don’t like mops, you could always put cleanser on a towel or cloth use your feet to swish it around. It’s your choice whether or not you wear shoes.

o Generally, gentle bleach cleansers and brushes, even a toothbrush, work wellon tile and grout. But, such might be too abrasive for some decorative wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles.

o Clean at least once a week.

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Bath & Tile, Ltd

Bath & Tile, Ltd has two locations, Albany and Manukau City, both of which also have stunning showrooms where you can see how its amazing products would look in your bathroom.

It offers everything you need to renovate or design your bathroom (and everything you will need to clean) at their locations, or you can access its website and shop online. Bath & Tile’s experienced, trained, and skilled staff will make your bathroom dreams a reality.

Visit a Bath & Tile showroom and/or their website today.


Decorating Your Bathroom Is Very Special in Each and Everyone’s House

A Bathroom is a place where you can try out with the trendy designs whatever you want to. No matters whether the bathroom is small or big. You can decorate as per your wish and the amount you are going to invest in it. There are lots of bathrooms designs are there where you can find through many of the stores either directly walk in or browse through the online stores. Bathroom design NZ are there with plenty of designs according to one’s budget. You can even decorate the bathroom with latest technology and fixtures accordingly. Now days in a modern bathroom it is designed with three important aspects are space, style, and comfort. Space is no matters whether it is small or big, accordingly, we can design it the inbuilt cabinets and the storage space can also be arranged accordingly. When it comes to vanity choose for the best one when it comes to a bathroom the most important aspect is vanity. Choose for the compact and according to your style.

You can find a large number of suppliers of bathroom supplies online where you can find different types of models according to your choice. The fittings and fixtures can also be purchased according to the size of the bathroom. When you are purchasing a product via online there are many advantages which are like you can find number of designs and varieties which of full bathroom vanities at one time from different stores or different websites. Whereas when you are going to the store directly you will able to see one or two stores in a day. There will be waste of time and energy. When the products are ordered in online it can be delivered safely with care and protection to the product.

The important aspect in a bathroom is the floor and wall tiles. It should be designed in such a manner that you always love your bathroom all time. Bathroom floor and wall tiles should be in such a manner that the cleaning should be made easier and it should not be slippery. The floor and wall tiles should bring in a luxurious feeling even if it is a small bathroom. Bathroom flooring and wall coating should be easily installed if whenever you are going for a redesign your bathroom. While installing the tiles inside the bathroom make sure that other vanities don’t get damaged. As per the designs of the bathroom flooring and tiles, we can fix the vanities colours also so that it looks more elegant. From above all the tiles and flooring can be selected from the online store so that you can find wide varieties of designs and attractive prices too.

From this article, we were been looking at how the bathroom can be designed at your own budget and in this modern days, there are many facilities by which we can see and purchase anything and everything through online with attractive designs and prices. We can also import the materials from different countries and make our bathroom more beautiful as you like.

The Ultimate Guide for Decorating Your Bathroom Effectively

In any home, bathroom is considered as significant parts of the home because after a long hectic day we just refreshed ourselves in the bathroom and feel relax. Many customers pays a close attention while decorating their entire house and especially giving a unique touch to their bathroom because it really offers a personal retreat for many individuals after a long stressful day.

Therefore, spending little extra time while decorating your modern bathroom is necessary with right flooring and accessories will enhance your entire décor. Choosing the correct flooring option allows you house and bathroom to look beautiful and it plays the significant role in making its decoration effective.

The bathroom walls and tiles are the most prime options that are available for the customers. Many customers prefer bathroom design NZ designs for its well professional, desired ambiance look. It is good ideas to consult your interior expert before selecting any kind of tile or wall options. The interior expert has the ultimate knowledge about the entire trends and they will guide you with perfect décor ideas.

Many customers also would love to prefer ceramic and porcelain tiles for their bathroom as they are one of the popular choices for many house owners. They are very reliable and long lasting durable option that you can use for the bathroom and house flooring. They suit well for every location inside your home and they are stylish too.

It is very useful for hiring the professional interior agency they will entirely look for your housing décor element and serve you with all possible ways to create a unique appearance. For many of the modern house, the use of the most trendy bathroom floor and wall tiles are very common and they are available in different design, forms, colors, combinations, custom sizes etc. They are versatile by nature and also fit for all types of décor style precisely.

When you are looking for the various types of the flooring and tiles option that can really give a glance look to your entire bathroom then just you can search online. As there are various bathroom supplies online dealers are serving their admirable products for you to buy instantly. With the help of the internet, you can have a close glance towards all the bathroom fittings and fixtures option that is need for any modern bathroom.

It is the fact that Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not retain dust and it is one of the best features that the entire house owner wanted to avail for heir flooring purpose. Another best advantage that the customers avail by using these is that they can be easily cleaned with common household cleaning materials. Additionally, as they are durable and long lasting products it remains original for a longer period of time, they do not need polishing or buffing to maintain their finish. To keep them as it is you just need to do a day-to-day cleaning procedure retains the look of the finish and shine on this type of flooring.

Picking the right tiles is significant for the best ultimate result that you can get, they are the vital part of the interior designing and play important role in serving with better look and feel of the modern decorative home.


Necessities for Your Bathroom

Your dream bathroom will be yours and loo provides can assist you flip it into reality. Bathroom provides could be a family-run company that was established in 1974. Since then, we have engineered an excellent name for knowledgeable recommendation, warranted quality and outstanding support.


Our on-line look has a good vary of merchandise for your toilet and room. Find each lovely and purposeful basins, taps, baths, mixers and accessories. We have got several specials and promotions serving to you to remain within budget. Browse the merchandise and purchase them future.

Whether it is an outsized toilet renovation or just a modification, we have got priceless recommendation for you. Bathroom is the mostimportant unit of your house. Therefore ensure you invest enough time in your analysis before you begin the renovation, after all, this is often one space you are doing not wish to urge wrong.

Essential step needed to attain a good bathroom

Getting the correct recommendation and exploitation right individuals suggests that your renovation is done on time and at intervals budget. When you are prepared, are available to our saleroom, here you will be able to see, bit and feel the merchandise before you choose


Our consultants are placed in our saleroom and may assist you opt for the lavatory style that reflects you. We are able to assist with making the simplest color palette for your area and advice on the foremost economical water saving styles for you.

The bathroom supplies online look has associate abundance of merchandise to feed your lack of inspiration, or if it is overflowing, the look will guide you and create it a reality. Toilet provides you each face to face or on-line with any toilet question or request.

While the lavatory could also be the smallest amount exciting and most intimate area of the house, it is one that you just are sure to use with regularity (pun intended). Moreover, your guests can use it. So, ensure you have got it well-stocked with the lavatory basics as before long as you progress into your new pad.

If your shower or tub is ugly, go together with associate opaque curtain that moves simply for fast concealment. If your shower is somewhat respectable, think about a sheer curtain to let some lightweight into the booth. Here is a fun tip: Medical provides supplies have long been a well-kept secret source for cheap drape tracks. Look here for a few fun graphic shower curtains and here for neutral choice.


Investigate these twelve fun concepts. For those of you United Nations agency use a large bathroom supplies, explore for additional accommodating holders like this one at shadow. Our garbage couldbe a little open one however recently I am thinking it might be nice to own one with a flip cowl to cover the gross toilet waste.

These ought to be durable however plush. If your floor is unattractive, get giant bath linen or many little mats. Look on the far side the bathtub stores and think about side tables, mini book shelves and étagères with baskets for further storage. And do not forget the area behind the toilet.

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