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Selecting Tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets

There are literally thousands of different Tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets designs. They vary in so many ways, including function. You must make some kind of choice. Perhaps you can skip on certain bathroom elements, but not on these. That is, unless you don’t want to control and regulate the water in your bathroom.


Here are some factors to consider when selecting your bathroom tapware:

o Water Pressure: Your tapware should accommodate your home’s water pressure. You certainly don’t want your water to simply drip in. You’ll never get the shampoo out of your hair or get the bath tub full enough in order to enjoy a proper soak. So, how do you figure out your water pressure?

Water pressure systems involve water storage and boiler tanks. Some houses have hot and cold tanks, but not a boiler tank. Some have a boiler, but no water tanks. Some only have one kind of water tank. You’ll see as follows:

• If you have a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank, also known as a gravity-fed system, you have a low pressure water system.

• If you have a combination (or combi) boiler, you have a high pressure water system.

• If you have a hot water tank but no cold water tank, you have a high pressure water system.


o Quality: Buy the best quality tapware you can afford. Don’t just go by price. A cheap, inferior tap with inept parts will fail and cost you more money in repairs and replacement. Consider warranty, symmetry, and flat lines at the tap’s edges. Such indicate value.

o Upkeep: Consider how much you and your family will use the bathroom and how much you will need to clean it. Generally, brassware is easy for which to care.

o Tap holes:Tap holes, literally, are the holes in the wall where the water comes out and where you need to install Tapware. Some basins (sinks) have two – one for hot and one for cold. mixers & shower sets mostly have one spout and make it easier to regulate the water temperature.

o Style: Everything you select impacts your bathroom’s design. Even the smallest detail. And, occasionally, tapware is the focal point, especially when it is unique and functional. So, make sure all your taps (bath tub, basin, and bidet), all complement one another.

Bath & Tile, Ltd

The experts at Bath & Tile believe that tapware is one of your bathroom’s most important design features. Choosing the right tapware for a bathroom can transform a lackluster piece into an eye-catching one. Just changing your bathroom taps is the perfect way to upgrade your bathroom.

You can see and shop online for tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets at Bath & Tile’s website. You can also visit its stores in Albany and Manukau City (Auckland), where it also provides a wide range of tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets. Each location also has a gorgeous showroom, where you can see how the tapware and Mixers & Shower Sets (as well as all Bath & Tile products) would actually look in your home.

Bath & Tile stocks shower mixers, basin mixers, rain shower heads, and so much more in various styles and matching sets. You are sure to find a design that reflects your personal style while offering plenty of practicality.

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