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Selecting Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles

So you’re redoing your bathroom or you’re building a house. That’s great! And, now you need to select your bathroom floor and wall tiles. There are a lot of decorative wall tiles, bathroom decor tiles, and colors and designs from which to choose. Don’t get overwhelmed or worry. You’ll figure it out. Here are some tips and issues to consider along the way.

• Cleaning Style and Habits. Yes, you need to consider your and your family’s cleaning style and habits. Some people like to clean and some don’t. It’s not a big deal. All it means is that you need to choose accordingly. For example, porcelain and ceramic tiles require simple maintenance. Natural stones tend to hold on to dirt and require more attention. And larger mosaic tiles are easier to clean than smaller ones.

• Purpose. Certain tiles work better in certain areas. If you’re creating a bench or seating area in your shower, you want a smooth tile. Glass tile is really pretty, but super slippery when wet, so you should avoid using it as bathroom floor tile.

• Bathroom Size. Lightly colored tiles can make a bathroom look bigger. Using the same colour bathroom floor and wall tiles also make it look bigger.

• Rule of Three. There’s an unwritten, but generally accepted rule to limit your tiles choices to no more than three. Your primary choice usually covers the largest area. Your second choice usually covers the bath, shower, or feature wall. And, your third choice is usually the highlight tile. Once again, these are just general guidelines and by no means should be considered steadfast rules.

Bath & Tile, Ltd

Bath & Time, Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated business. For over six years, it has proudly served the area. It provides all your bathroom tile needs, including bathroom floor and wall tiles, decorative wall tiles, bathroom decor tiles, bathroom floor tiles, bathroom renovation accessories, and so much more.

Bath & Tile gets its tiles from around the world, including Italy, Spain and India, and regularly visits its suppliers and trade shows. It stocks its stores and showroom with the latest trends, styles, and designs. Such allows it to offer the highest quality at the best price. Plus, its staff has the experience, training, and skills to help you make the best selection. It’s sure to have the perfect tile for you.

Bath & Tile has two fabulous locations in Albany and Manukau City, you’ll find showrooms where you can actually experience how its tiles and other products would look and work in your bathroom. As well, its online shopping for bathroom accessories NZ lets you browse through its vast selection and also have that same experience.

At Bath and Tile you’ll also find:

• basins

• bathtubs

• spas

• tapware

• mirrors

• toilet

• toilet seats

• mixers and shower sets

• shower glass doors

• vanities

Plus, so much more

Bath & Tile knows that you want to enjoy your bathroom for years to come and that you are making an important investment.

It’s your brilliant, one stop tile shop.

Visit a Bath & Tile showroom and/or their website today.


How to Maintain Kitchen Mixer?

Kitchen mixers are incredible partners in each kitchen. They cut and blend a wide range of vegetables and organic products for no time. You can even get ready sound shakes or betrays by squeezing a straightforward catch. Be that as it may, kitchen mixers NZ can turn out to be truly grimy amid their utilization. It is fundamental to clean them frequently and, obviously, in the correct way, so as to guarantee that the blender runs easily and keeps going as far as might be feasible. Moreover, in the event that you let your blender messy for over a day, microscopic organisms and germs may begin to shape in it.

Fired tile is a sensible and appealing decision in kitchen flooring due its solidness and rich appearance. It is likewise simple to clean and keep up and it is reasonable. On the off chance that you have a little, kitchen, earthenware tile can help the space seem bigger or give it a comfortable look, contingent upon how it is utilized. Measure matters, for this situation; diverse estimated tiles will confer distinctive looks.

Accessible Options

Artistic tiles are accessible in a wide exhibit of sizes, beginning at 1-inch tiles that are generally utilized as a part of mosaic courses of action up to 20-by-20-inch tiles. Tiles are accessible in many hues, examples and surfaces.


Kitchen tiles ought to adjust to the extents of different things in the room; 18-inch tiles will overpower a little kitchen with a little measure of cabinetry, while 6-inch tiles will be proportionate to the room and give it a comfortable appearance. Twelve-inch tiles are marginally bigger in extent to the room, so they will make the room seem bigger.


At the point when a man strolls into a space, the stylistic theme ought to draw his eye flawlessly starting with one protest then onto the next. Hence it’s vital to utilize decorative wall tiles that supplement the current cabinetry in your little kitchen. Grout lines ought to nearly coordinate the shade of the tile to frame one persistent line of tiling. Twelve-by-12-inch tiles are bigger and will require less grout lines than littler tiles, giving a more uniform look to the ground surface. Utilize strong shaded tiles to complement your uniform look, as opposed to a bustling example that causes a break in the middle of each tile and makes the room seem littler.


While laying tiles down particularly won’t change the genuine measurements of the kitchen or the tiles, certain techniques will give the impression of a bigger space. A corner to corner design makes the kitchen seem more extensive. Tiles laid in an amazed example help stretch the room. Darker-shaded floors have the impact of making a room look littler, so in the event that you utilize expansive tiles in dim shading, regardless you may make the room seem littler. Pick lighter shading on the off chance that you wish to make your kitchen seem bigger.

Tile Tips and Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling

An ever increasing number of property holders are choosing to exploit all the delightful advantages washroom renovating brings to the table. Doing the project right is critical as if the preferences are numerous and really enticing, the drawback can be as lamentable. Tiles have been among the most seasoned yet most prevalent materials incorporated into such home change. This makes them among the significant contemplations when undertaking this sort of redesign. So in the event that you are anticipating bathroom renovating to spruce up your New York home, here are tips and thoughts reasonable whether you are in Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, or Queens.

Adaptability is a word that best fits decorative wall tiles, other than being perfect to be utilized as a part of different regions; they likewise arrive in a delightfully wide exhibit of choices that are practically boundless. With an extremely broad scope of hues, sizes, and outlines they can make up the best-fitting examples to coordinate your taste.

For your bathroom redesigning, tiles are produced using different materials you can browse including clay, tile, common stone, glass and porcelain. However, whichever material you decide for your bathroom tiles, it is vital that they can fill the needs of the range effectively, for example, being slip-safe if utilized for ground surface, spill and stain safe for counters, et cetera. There are coated and unglazed tiles and when introducing unglazed, remember that regular cleaning will be required as they ingest recolors effortlessly.

In washroom redesigning, it is critical to as of now have an example at the top of the priority list before choosing and purchasing bathroom tiles. It is your preferred example that will draw out the uniqueness in your project wrap up. With regards to tile thoughts, you will never be at a misfortune as there are all that could possibly be needed assets in the web alone. To bail you out in this home change, here are a few general tips and thoughts to make more enthusiasm for the visual impact of your project:

1. One smart thought to take for a striking look is having differentiating hues for your dividers and ground surface. The avoiding line can be of a similar shade of the floor. What’s more, on the off chance that you need to tile the whole divider, changing hues by trunk level and up is another thought to start fascination.

2. When utilizing strong shading bathroom border tiles, including borders would compensate for a delightful trimming. Another astounding approach to include difference is through picking differentiating shading for your grout.

3. On the off chance that you pick to have similar tile shading for both your dividers and ground surface, break the dreariness through utilizing diverse sizes or laying out bathroom tiles in an unexpected way – in a slanting way.

Arrange your examples effectively and guarantee legitimate establishment. Thusly, you will include measurement and style into your washroom rebuilding project through bathroom tiles.


Decorative Entrance for Wall Tiles

One of the most widely recognized wall tiles is ceramic. Man has made earthenware tiles more than 4,000 years back. They have been found in the pyramids, the remains of Babylon, and old Greek urban areas. They showed delightful sculptures of that period of time.

Artistic tile is produced using a blend of muds that are let go on high temperatures and afterward are for the most part coated. They are utilized to add wonderful accents to your walls and your environment.

Decorative wall tiles are stronger then some other wall covering. They are difficult to clean, stain resistant to most acids, not affected by oxygen and simple to keep up. You can put wall tiles in any room that you require effectively viable surfaces. They help make a feeling of freshness and quietness.

They are accessible in an extensive variety of configuration, shading, materials and examples. A portion of the materials are ceramic, porcelain, limestone, metal, slate, marble, rock, plug and glass. There are many sizes, shapes and brightening systems that are utilized for you’re picking.

Before acquiring the ceramic tile for bathroom you should gauge and verify you purchase enough for your surface. Legitimate arrangement makes it simple to introduce yourself. There are numerous experts that can introduce the wall tiles if the “does it without anyone else’s help” does not work for you.

You should ensure you have everything nearby before you begin the venture. This employment requires unique apparatuses. For example you will require a saw, tile cutters, nippers, trowels, spreaders, elastic buoy, and a leveling board. Experts likewise apply tiles to walls utilizing a thick bed of mortar.

Since your wall tiles won’t be strolled on you can utilize clay or rural stone. There is likewise accessible reused glass which arrives in an assortment of hues, shapes and sizes. This is for the ecologically disapproved of person. Likewise in this same class you can buy metal tiles in boards which are lighter. This material can likewise be hand painted or antiqued to coordinate your style, however please remember that metal can be harder to introduce.

Anyplace you might want delightful porcelain bathroom floor tile on walls you can set up tile paintings. They are particularly alluring as a back sprinkle in your kitchen over your counter or stove beat. It can make any room in your home one of a kind, extraordinary, and exceptionally agreeable.

Beautiful procedures are utilized on tiles. A few illustrations are unglazed which the shading can extend from light sand to block red. There are likewise plain coatings, for example, rock, white lead, china stone and china earth. These are all ground to make the coatings.

Some different techniques are hand painted, cut, tube lining, displayed, and exchange printing.

They take the visual quintessence of normal light and injected it with a large number of hues utilizing glass tiles. This technique can add energy and appeal to your stylistic decor.


Make Your Bathroom and Toilets Luxurious By High Quality Tiles


Makeup mind before choosing tiles

Before constructing house, first thing comes into our mind to make our house attractive and beautiful. For this, we wander here and there to find high quality household things. Our bathroom and toilets plays an important role in our house. Now you can give your bathroom luxurious touch by purchasing excellent quality Ceramic tile warehouse at affordable price. High quality tiles make our bathroom more incredible and stylish. You can easily install your desirable wall and floors tiles. You can buy premium quality tiles at affordable price that helps in saving your time and money. Now a day, many beautiful and amazing tiles are available at the stores.

Give your bathroom luxuries touch


Our bathroom and toilets are very noticeable place. Make it sure you are going to construct your bathroom amazing and eye-catching. You can give luxuries touch to your bathroom by 3D and designable tiles. As you have seen, most of people like to buy 3D tiles and it is highly in trend. You can go for ceramic tiles too. Your relatives and friends won’t get tired to appreciate your choice and their eyes will fixate on your luxuries bathroom and tiles.

Designable and trendiest bathroom tiles

According to your bathroom and toilet construction, you can choose luxurious wall and floor tiles. You must know which tiles could be suited in your bathroom and make it more attractive. In the market many designable and stylish wall and floor tiles are available. ceramic tile for bathroom comes in numerous designs and make your bathroom floor more incredible and beautiful. Ceramic tiles are highly in trend and it is durable too.


Talk about tiles quality and its durability

It is very important to buy high quality floor and walls tiles. You can make your home more luxurious if you once install excellent quality tiles. Before buying bathroom tiles, you must know about its lifespan and durability. Especially for bathroom and toilets, we should buy texture tiles which are less slippery and prevents from injury. Luxurious and premium quality tiles give you smooth experience and it unbreakable also. If accidently any hard things falls on floors, quality and durable tiles won’t break easily.

Other accessories for bathroom

Along with tiles, it is important to buy accessories for your bathroom too. You can buy decorative wall tiles that will perfectly match with your bathtub, wash basin, tap and showers. They also help in making your bathroom suitable according to designable tiles. You can make your bathroom more luxurious by attractive and beautiful bathroom accessories.


You can make your bathroom more attractive and beautiful if you keep in mind upper give points. It is very helpful in deciding to buy affordable and suitable tiles for your bathroom. You can buy ceramic wall and floor tiles to make your bathroom and toilets attractive. Designable and stylish tiles make your home more incredible and beautiful. You can go with 3D tiles also which are high in trend and create perfect matching with your wash basin, bathtub and taps design.

Bring Life to the Interior with the Decorative Wall Tiles


Ceramic tile warehouse is the leading supplier of the genuine quality tiles. They will always try to provide the vast range of high quality ceramic tiles. People can have a wide variety of tiles to choose from and these tile shops will have different kind of tiles from all over the world. One can find the specific color, floor tile, wall tile, and also the non- slip tiles from their collection. Also they have some range of tiles that suits the individual and also for the renovation needs. Ceramic tile warehouse will provide some great quality service to the people. They will satisfy the needs of their customers and also people can get various tiles within the range. One can get discounted ceramic tiles and also the best designer tiles. One can be sure to find something that is well suited for their home and the tiles of their personal choice.

Some information on the ceramic tile for bathroom

One can select the best variety and the durable ceramic tile for bathroom. One can get different color, texture, material and can deliver the best quality of tile for bathroom. Most of the people will prefer for the ceramic tiles in the bathroom than the porcelain tiles. This ceramic tile is much lighter and it can often be used for the wall and the ceiling installations. Most of the ceramic tiles will be generally made from red and white clay and it will be fired in a kiln and glazed or finished. Ceramic tiles will technically include porcelain tile too.


These ceramic tiles are affordable and variety of style, color and different texture of tiles are available. It is also easy to customize for details like chair rails, soap dishes and also special edging and nosing as in bathroom. As these tiles have texture on them one can easily consider these tiles to add dimensions to bathroom. The eased edges of these tiles will add extra features to bathroom wall and it make difficult to cut the end title. These tiles will make bathroom look great.

Some of the advantages of decorative wall tiles


Usually life of the interior will be enhanced by decorative wall tiles. These tiles are very much flexible and most of the designers will say that these tiles are eco friendly and are very easy to use. The 3d wall tiles will also come under the decorative wall tiles category. The tiles of the decorative category will have many profitable features and some of them are mentioned below,

• The price of this tile is affordable and buying in bulk can reduce the investment on the wall.

• These decorative wall slabs are very much light weight.

• These tiles are very durable.

• It is very easy to install and many of the designers will like to work on this slabs.

• Exclusive color and the patterns of the tiles are available in the shops. These tiles will help the owner to create the individual.

Let’s Know Is Ceramic Tile Is A Good Flooring Choice for Your Home


The use of the ceramic times for house decoration is becoming most popular choice among many house owners. It has become one of the prime materials that can be used for your lovely home. They are made up of natural stone, sand, and clays and when it gets molded in different shape and designs will definitely attract all the customers effectively.

It is available in glazed and unglazed forms but most of the house owners prefer to choose the glazed ceramic times to add additional appearance to their beautiful homes. It is really sad to know that many people have denied using these products which can be used effectively to add unique color and texture to the decor of their house. Instead of having simple tiles in the bathroom it is well to use ceramic tile for bathroom to create eye-catching wall decor designs and images.


Many people wanted to use the durable products for their flooring especially you have huge family and pets. In that case, these ceramic tiles have longer durability features in comparison to other products that are used for flooring and wall decorations. The other most beneficial thing with ceramic tiles is that they are resistant to moisture. This is the best option for the wet areas flooring like in the bathroom, garden, and balcony etc.

The key factor that is really important while using these products is choosing the right size and color of the tiles that will give the unique glance to your floor. With the increasing demand and popularity of these ceramic tiles, there are hundreds of different varieties of ceramic tiles you can avail from any ceramic tile warehouse in bulk and at discounted prices.


In the wet areas like the bathroom, it is perfect to choose the ceramic tiles which are water resistant and it also adds a natural feeling to the bathroom or shower areas. Many customers prefer to add different designs of tiles based on stone, trees, flower, etc as it feels as you are surrounded by nature and having a bath.

It goes well for the high crowded areas and sunlight exposures, as it does not have affected of sunlight much it won’t lose its actual color also. And of course, if you wish to give an appealing gaze to your house, wall, countertops, and backsplash design then go for the ceramic tiles. If you are willing to create a cohesive interior decorative wall tiles design then you can use the ceramic tiles perfectly.

decorative wall tiles

The installation process of the ceramic tiles is simple and there is a lot of different uses of these tiles. These tiles can be used indoors as well as for outdoor areas also. As they are relatively easy to install the more complex designs and images can be created with it. You can really convert the empty space into a new look, so don’t hesitate to play with ceramic tiles in giving a new shape and design to your home decor.

By using natural look and design you can also add natural soap, along with some best natural shower curtain to give an extra appealing decoration to your bathroom. In nutshell, choose these ceramic tiles with cool designs and patterns to create a unique and natural look for your beautiful home.