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An Award Winning Bathroom in Your Home

Trends is a group of home design and architecture magazines that individually target specific home areas or concepts – kitchen, bathroom, interiors, etc. There’s also Trends Ideas.com, where design professionals and enthusiasts can communicate with one another and share ideas.

Every year, Trends also hosts an annual international competition, the Trends International Design Awards (TIDA), and awards the best designs in the above-mentioned home areas and concepts.

2017 TIDA Bathroom Awards

Many of the bathrooms selections contained marble top vanities and textured stone bathroom decor tiles and bathroom floor tiles. Such choices always looked beautiful, no matter the setting. And, while tapware choices favored chrome, as usual, some designers selected antique and aged brass.

Winning designs were mainly contemporary and contained uniquely framed shower screens, table-top basins, and walk-in shower doors that made the spaces feel open, non-confining, and extravagant.Most had multi-functional shower heads that promised unique, relaxing experiences, including rejuvenating shower heads.

Bath & Tile, Ltd.

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Add Luxury and Beauty with Bath Screens

Bath screens are made to prevent water from getting on the floor when somebody in the tub is washing or giving. Water is regularly sprinkled from the tub when these exercises are occurring and the water makes a wreck and a peril. You are considerably more liable to slip and fall if the floor is wet than you would when the floor is dry. On the off chance that the floor gets wet over and again then it can start to decay away in light of the dampness. You can likewise get a form and mold issue if the surface of the floor is ceaselessly gotten wet and does not dry out for drawn out stretches of time. Bath screens can prevent these things from happening.

Bath screens can likewise include a sumptuous look and feel to your restroom. They can make the room look bigger moreover. A straightforward bath screen can make the room give off an impression of being bigger than it would look with a hued bath blind hanging in a similar territory.

You have a few options in the style of bath screens you can introduce into your lavatory. You can get sliding screens or screens that rotate. With the ones that slide you can make a passage to the tub that is bigger or littler to oblige the individual getting in or out of the bath. These pieces are fabulous when you have to place youngsters or pets in the tub. When you have youngsters or pets in the bath you by and large must bow adjacent to the tub so you can help them with their bath. You will ready to do this and ready to shield them from sprinkling water out of the other segment of the tub. When you have pets the bit of the screen that remaining parts shut will shield them from getting away while you are attempting to give them a bath.

You can get collapsing forms that offer an amplified measure of scope when it is required. You can get forms of this thing that are balanced out and settled in one place. As a result of their adaptability the collapsing renditions are exceptionally helpful in supporting in portability when the elderly are getting in and out of the bath unit.

With bath screens you can pick ones that are clear and straightforward to upgrade the look of the shower enclosure NZ in your bath. You can likewise pick pieces that have been corrosive scratched to make a misty look with the goal that you can’t see past the glass surface. The hazy pictures on the glass surface can be made to make picture scenes or plans. You can include an individual flare by utilizing these things.